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Ethereum DevCon2


Ethereum is one of the most famous Blockchain projects in the world. It has also formed the largest open-source community in the blockchain industry whose developers have been contributing to the widespread applications of Blockchain technology. Hundreds of developers around the world gathered in London last year for DevCon 1, the second global conference for Ethereum developers. This year, with DevCon 2, major developers of Ethereum and representatives from the development community will share their experience and the latest information. It will be a major milestone for the Blockchain Industry and the FinTech world. DevCon 2 also presents a great opportunity for the promotion and education of Blockchain technology in China.


Demo Day


Blockchain technology has been gaining traction in different parts of the world, which presents a significant opportunity for capital investment. Blockchain technology is still in its early stage of development, innovations driven by different forces and entities are distributed across the globe. With Demo Day, 15 Blockchain oriented startups and projects, with their respective field of applications, will be able to present their progress and development to major investors and innovators, and to explore potential entrepreneurship opportunity in China. For investment institutions and individual investors, Demo Day brings them closer to the latest endeavors in the Blockchain industry.


2nd Global Blockchain Summit


Last October, in Shanghai, China, the First Global Blockchain Summit featured as “Blockchain:Blueprint for a new economy” has been instrumental for the promotion of Blockchain technology in China. Since that summit, the opportunities and potential impacts of the Blockchain technology has become a hot topic not only in China, but in all parts of the world. For those who attended the event, some of them have already been ahead of the time and embarked on their ventures in the Blockchain industry. This year, the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit will bring more guests together, to share the latest development in the Blockchain industry, not only with their proof-of-concepts, but also some real world applications. What are you waiting for?

Event Location:


199 Huang Pu Road

Shanghai, China, 200080

Note: We're out of tickets now. You can only claim a ticket if you have a special code that was previous allocated to you.

Note: This page is for past event. If you

 want to check out Shanghai Blockchain 

Week 2018, please 

click http://summit2018-en.eventdove.com


类型 结束时间 单价 选择数量

Demo Day Ticket(only for Sep.22 event )

2016-09-22 17:00 $451

Demo Day and Global Blockchain Summit(3 Days)

2016-09-20 23:50 $1200


2016-09-19 08:00 - 开始

2016-09-24 17:00 - 结束

  • 中国 上海 虹口区
  • 上海市虹口区黄浦路199号(外滩茂悦大酒店)


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